Careers: Becoming a Military Lawyer and Senator

Alexis Peterson, Co-Editor

I had the immense honor of meeting Mr. Eric Wimberger, Wisconsin Senatorial District 30’s representative. Mr. Wimberger was kind enough to give some advice on his career path that aspiring lawyers or politicians should hear!

What made you choose law?

“I just chose it. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after college but that was what popped in my head when my mom asked.”

What was it like being a lawyer?

It was really hard, until you begin to understand the principles. As a lawyer, you don’t need to have laws memorized, you just need to understand what legal principles you are searching for. There are many resources lawyers use to find related legal precedents, so it is just a matter of finding the best defense.

What led you to the Senate seat?

I began as a lawyer in education and after law school, went into the military. During law school, I picked up tons of side jobs to pay for my education, including being a truck driver and a bartender, as well as working at my family’s candy shop. When I went into the military, I went overseas and actually served as a military lawyer in Japan, specifically in sexual harassment cases. When I came back to America after my service, I ran my own small firm business in this legal field. John Macco was actually the one to “poke” me into trying for a spot in Senate for 2014, where I lost, but, I was happy to win just this last year, after running again for the seat.

What is your advice for students who aspire to become a lawyer or politician?

“Don’t- haha, I’m just joking. But, be prepared to work hard; lawyers have a very important job. Also, be prepared to only focus on procedure- it is likely you will have to defend some people that you feel are not innocent.”


A special “thank you” to Mr. Wimberger for his time interviewing with me- it was a humbling but great experience to meet him in person!