Ask a Senior- March Edition


Alexis Peterson and Autumn Larsen

Hello everyone!
This is Alexis Peterson and Autumn Larsen, your Seniors, back to answer some more questions:

1. What’s your favorite memory from an extra curricular?

          Alexis: Oh my gosh, where do I start? I have been involved in so many groups in so many different categories over the last four years! Needless to say, I have been very highly involved and it’s difficult to pick a “favorite”. Overall, I would have to say that my favorite thing about these groups is that they allow you to pursue an interest with people who share that interest.
But, if you insist, I can provide a few favorites. At the end of both the Language Arts and Financial Literacy competitions, we shook hands with opposing schools. There was a general sense of camaraderie and respect you don’t find often in competitions.
I also really enjoyed Link Crew and tutoring. Both of these opportunities gave me a chance to meet some incredible classmen in the last few years! I am so incredibly grateful for opportunity to help others and hope to continue in the future.
Both cross-country and track are amazing sports! At the beginning of cross-country races, we all line at the beginning line and do stretches all together: every team’s runners for that race unite. There is a sweep of adrenaline as you hear the crackle of the start and as you run together with your team for the first 200 meters as a pack. Both parents and runners of any and all teams stand along the sides of the course, screaming their support for any and all runners that pass. I have seen several girls fall along the way and other girls, despite being competition, stop beside them to help them up and even run with them. It’s the most incredible experience! At the end of the race, you need to SPRINT the last 200 meters like a Grizzly is chasing you, because it’s your time. People will congregate at the end, coaches, runners, families, and medical staff alike, all screaming for you. At the end of the race, our coaches, Mr. Haller and Mr. Soukup for the girls and Mr. McMahon for the guys, are there to pat you on the back. I look back on those races and smile.
I also really enjoyed being part of the Greater Green Bay Youth and Rotary Youth Leadership programs. Both programs helped me to build my confidence as a leader to my peers. There were several opportunities to meet mentors who have amazed me with their kindness and contributions to the community around them. Everyone in those programs, students and staff alike, encouraged one another to move past comfort zones in any way possible. It has been truly life-changing for me to participate.
I have so many more stories to share, but do not want to take up too much space. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

          Autumn: Oh wow! I agree with Alexis here. There’s so much. So so much. And so many potential memories that were unfortunately not made. I have been in the “propstumes” crew in the fall musical since my freshman year and I have been in the props crew in the spring play since my freshman year. I’ve also been in other things such as Link Crew (Junior-Senior), The Buzz (Junior-Senior), and Orchestra (5th grade +). If had to pick, I don’t know. No one of the better memories tops the other. It pains my heart to have to just pick just one. I’ve written and deleted several memories in the process of writing this and have decided that I will just say a couple of things.

Any time I had to go in on a weekend for the musical or spring play, I enjoyed it. We got to have fun whilst working on something we were all invested in. We are a family. A family that I missed dearly this year and will miss as I go on in life. Same for any other thing I was in, such as Orchestra. I  have so many memories in Orchestra that will always be with me. I will end with this: I felt a connection in most of the things I was in. That’s what makes everything worth it. Those moments where you have found your people and where you feel like a family, makes me tear up a little while writing this. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget and one I hope to experience as I go on after high school.

2. Can you help?

          Alexis: Are you okay? Please reach out to our school workers if you need anything:

*Listing off of Student Last Name*
School Counselor
Mr. Adam Petasek
[email protected]

D, E, S
Alternative Education
Middle School
Mr. Al Pannier
[email protected]

A, C-G (Spanish Speaking Students)
AVID (Spanish Speaking Students)
Ms. Cristina Clark
[email protected]

K, L, M
& International Students
Ms. Kristi Davis
[email protected]

B, H-Z (Spanish Speaking Students)
Ms. Keri Gerlach
[email protected]

F, I, J, N-R
Ms. Kelly Sabel
[email protected]

Ms. Katie Thao
[email protected]

School Social Worker
Ms. Dusti Evans-Klukas
[email protected]

D-J, W, X
Ms. Brenda Bomber
[email protected]

Ms. Kelly Rowe
[email protected]

R-V, Y, Z
Ms. Brittany Bartel
[email protected]

Spanish Speaking Students
Ms. Erica Winkler
[email protected]

School Psychologists

Amy Olson-Guillen
[email protected]
ext. 41418

Cheri Weier
[email protected]
ext. 41434

Career Center Coordinator

May Lor
[email protected]

Student Services Registrar

Alexis Goodwin
[email protected]

Student Services Secretary

Bertha Quezada
[email protected]

School Nurse

Heidi Neverman
[email protected]

Title 1

Kathryn Johnson
[email protected]

I’m also here for moral support, just email me.

With what? If you need anything there is a whole slew of people at the school able to help with things academically and mentally, as listed above. They are all here for us to use. I’m here for you as well. I can help with homework (depends on the subject of course), or just be there for you. You can reach me by email ([email protected]) or any of my socials. Don’t be scared to reach out to me, my co-editor, or of course the staff at school :).

3. When should I take my senior pictures and when do we have to turn them in for the yearbook?

          Alexis: This year, they were due Tuesday, February 22nd, by 3:00 p.m. Typically, pictures are due in February, but it depends on what the schedule is. If you have questions, you can email Mr. Thomas Crehore: [email protected]

          Autumn: I took my Senior pictures in October. I know a lot of people take theirs a lot earlier. I was originally going to have them done in the summer but it kept being put off. I still like mine though :). It’s really about what kind of outdoor setting you want. If you want it to be fall and have those pretty autumn leaves then take pictures around that time. The same goes for whatever else you want. Seniors will typically take their pictures in the summer between their Junior and Senior year. As for when to turn them in it depends really, sometimes it’s in December or in February. Just email Mr. Crehore with any questions.

4. Who was your favorite teacher and what is the most important thing they taught you?

          Alexis: I don’t think I have a “favorite”, per-se. After four years of high school, I have met all of the teachers and they all have made an impact (whether it be minimal or profound) in my life. The staff at Preble is amazing and I recommend you get to know teachers and staff outside of your schedule! Every one of our staff are in different walks of life and can show you deeper truths about the universe and life around you, in different ways.  I have to say, over the last four years, the one lesson that I have learned from all of my interactions was this:

The best way to learn to succeed is to fail and learn to get up again.

I learned this from many different incidences and teachers/coaches. You may not know me well, but I once was… lackluster… in my cross-country and track times. Coaches like Coach Kline, Dessart, McMahon, Soukup, and Haller, constantly encouraged me and were by my side over the years. I really improved and can’t wait to go out to the world as an athlete! I took some very rigorous coursework as well, and learned from all of the times I failed to do well and learned new study skills. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has stuck by me all these years; I haven’t forgotten.

          Autumn: Ooo, wow. Well, first of all, my mother was my first teacher. She was my teacher up until the middle of first grade. She will forever be my teacher. Otherwise, at school, there are so many. All of my teachers taught me something in one way or another. I do have a couple of favorites, but I liked most of my teachers immensely. I did not ever have a bad experience with my teachers. My freshman English teacher pushed me to take an advanced English class instead of the regular one because I wasn’t getting challenged enough; I was getting above 100%! He taught me that I need to challenge myself. My 1oth grade Biology teacher influenced me to be bold. Do what I can do and more. So, I did bolder things like picking their favorite animal for an animal report. My 12th-grade Psychology teacher taught me to be firm in my decisions. Don’t hesitate to go after something, like answer a question even if you think you may be wrong. All in all, my teachers have really been there for me and taught me lifelong lessons. My tip for everyone is to get close to your teachers. Be the best student you can be and be a good person. Be willing to learn, make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.

5. Which classes would you recommend when choosing a health career as your future job?

          Alexis: Hmm, classes for health careers? I personally haven’t take much related to that field, but many of my friends have! First, I recommend you take Advanced Placement Biology and/or Chemistry- avoid taking Conceptual Chemistry because you will want to be familiar with the math behind it when you start AP Chemistry.

Secondly, depending on what field you want to go into, look at the Childhood Education classes. These courses walk you through how to talk to “little people”, as I affectionately call them, and how to explain difficult concepts, as well as teach you child psychology. These are great if you are focusing on a field with something to do with the brain’s development or with children.

I also recommend our Sociology and Psychology courses! These not only teach you the value of brain development, but also go over how to interact with others.

          Autumn: What Alexis said. There is also a General Anatomy Dual Credit class you can take when you are a Junior or Senior.

6. How can I meet new people?

          Alexis: This is a great question! My best tip: talk to anyone and everyone in your class. This will give you the chance to make friends with people you are familiar with, but also allow you to network with more people through those peers.

Autumn: I agree, great question. This is something I wish I made more of a point to do. Just talk to people and do it consistently. Have simple little conversations every day and if it builds up to it, go do things outside of school. Also, you’ve probably heard this a lot but, JOIN EXTRACURRICULARS! They really help find people that you would have similar interests with.