February Cold Likely to Continue Into March

Preston Schenk, Writer

February saw a major artic blast which resulted in significant cold and a snowstorm. The cold weather, which wasn’t entirely unexpected, will seemingly last potentially into March as the overall climatic pattern will continue to allow for the cold air mass to stall. The coldest temperature seen in this February was -14, which was set on both February 7th and February 11th. However, it could be much worse as was seen two years ago in 2019 when the temperature reached -26 on January 31st, 2019! The cold air could result in difficult conditions for numerous spring sports, although it will still have to be seen if this comes to fruition. March looks to be cooler than average and wetter than average, which could result in a snowstorm or two. The good news is that the average temperature rises from 31 degrees in early March to 45 by the end of March. Spring is in the near future, however!

The average temperature for February